Proven Strength. The Elevate Collection’s (previously known as Integrity Wood-Ultrex) proven strength is eight-times stronger than vinyl and three-times stronger than vinyl/wood composites. It resists fading, chalking, peeling and cracking.

Stylish Design. Warm wood interiors and on-trend styles are just the start. Marvin considered every feature and option so that your windows and doors can make a statement or blend into the décor.

Powerful Performance. Marvin is the leader in fiberglass, which outlasts vinyl windows by 38%. Marvin’s pultruded fiberglass remains stable in extreme temperatures and expands at nearly the same rate as glass, so Elevate windows stay square and true even in the harshest conditions.

Builders. Contractors. Architect. Professionals who spend their days designing and building homes – all agree that Marvin’s Elevate Collection is designed for excellence. Ask them why, and they might mention Ultrex® fiberglass’ remarkable strength and resistance to weather, or the way the products stay tightly sealed because Ultrex’s performance during temperature swings, or that both the Elevate and Essesntial Collections come in Designer Black/Ebony and Bronze for a modern looks. While their favorite features may vary, their enthusiasm is a constant.

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