What your window is made of matters

There are a variety of window materials that can improve performance and complement the architecture of your home. Consider the exterior and interior materials your windows are made of. Both materials can greatly impact the comfort and appearance of your home, in the short and long term.

Bring the outdoors in

Double Hung Windows

Style and Substance. Double Hung windows are the most popular type of window in the United States. They feature two sashes that both slide up…

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Casement Windows

Enjoy Fresh Air. Casement window sashes are attached to the frame by one or more hinges. Depending on the style, they can swing outward or…

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Sliding (Glider) Windows

Smooth Operator. Sliding (glider) windows have a clean, classic style and are easy to use. They can be compared to a double hung window turned…

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Awning Windows

Versatile Ventilation. Awning windows are hinged at the top of the frame and swing outward. With the opening at the bottom, this window can be…

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Single Hung Windows

Stylish Simplicity. Single Hung windows offer a clean style, durability, and ease-of-use. Unlike in double hung windows, only the bottom sash can be opened, while…

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Bay and Bow Windows

Expand Your Room. Bay Windows and bow windows often become the focal point of a room by adding natural light and enhancing your view with…

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Polygon & Specialty Shape Windows

A Room Takes Shape. Specialty windows offer amazing possibilities. Choose from triangles, pentagons, octagons and rectangles and use these windows as transoms to flank picture…

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Round Top Windows

Top Off Your Design. Round top windows provide a distinctive, beautiful look, adding elegance to your home. Choose from various radius shapes or add grilles…

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Tilt Turn and Hopper Windows

Easy and State of the Art. The Tilt and Turn window is a versatile multi-functional window. In the Tilt mode, the window can be opened…

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Corner Windows

The Perfect Angle for Contemporary Design. Marvin’s 90-degree corner windows make the most of a panoramic view and flood a room with natural light. Stack…

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Coastal Windows

Always Beautiful No Matter the Weather. The beauty and serenity of living on the coast is unlike living anywhere else, but with it comes the…

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Exceptional energy efficiency and personalization

Further considerations include geography, historical conditions, and necessary ease-of-use. If you live by the coast or in another locale prone to extreme weather conditions, material strength and durability can greatly impact your home’s performance safety. Historic replication might also come into play. Luckily, Marvin’s extruded aluminum exterior cladding can be customized to match any historic profile. Finally, where the window is placed can greatly impact ease-of-use and should be taken into consideration. For example, when a window is placed over a sink, replace a double-hung window with a casement designed to mimic the look of a traditional double-hung window without hindering accessibility.

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