Weatherproofing and preventive maintenance often becomes the responsibility of the homeowner. You, the contractor, can increase the value of your projects by taking extra steps to weatherproof and set yourself apart from the competition. This includes a quality house wrap, insulation, siding and basement waterproofing, in addition to optimal product selection.

Consider the weather conditions, temperature changes and amount of sunlight the windows will be subjected to on your next residential or commercial project. Select the options and window performance features that are best suited for the unique conditions of each project.

  • U-Factor: This is a window’s rate of heat less, so a lower U-Factor means the window has better insulating properties.
  • Solar Heat Gain Coefficient: This indicates the amount of solar heat the window transmits and its shading ability, in order to maximize year-round thermal efficiency. Basically, this measures how a window reflects summer sunlight and heat back outdoors and retains heat in the winter. The lower the coefficient the better.
  • Tripane Windows: Tripane glazing, available with argon or krypton insulating gas, provides excellent energy performance. Available in products where glazing thickness can be wider than ¾”, Tripane features two coated panes of glass with a third pane between them.

Marvin windows and doors are built around you, not only in design options but also performance features.

Did you know?

Marvin has 14,397 certified window and door product/glass options that meet a .20 U-Factor or lower

Integrity Windows and Doors – the Most Efficient Option

Compared to single pane unglazed windows, Integrity’s dual pane windows made from Ultrex with Low E coating can reduce window heat loss and cut costs by up to 34% in cold climates, and cut cooling costs by up to 38% in warm climates.*

*Sustainable Energy Coalition at

Integrity® from Marvin® Windows and Doors combines the low conductivity and superior performance attributes of Ultrex with a selection of energy-efficient glazing options to deliver ENERGY STAR qualified solutions.

Learn specific Marvin and Integrity installation techniques by attending an instructor-led class in your area.


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